Exhibition details

International specialized exhibition


It is a key event for all those interested in the latest technologies and solutions in the production of oils and fats

September 11 – 12. 2024

Exhibition programme:

  • Exhibition of products and technologies: View and evaluate new developments in the production of oils and fats from leading companies in the industry.
  • Seminars and lectures from experts: Learn about advanced approaches to production, processing and management from our renowned speakers.
  • Business forum and networking: Meet industry representatives and discuss potential partnerships and collaborations.

The exhibition topics are very interesting and diverse, as are the areas of the thematic sections presented at the exhibition:

Oil extraction presses:
Mechanical or hydraulic presses to remove oil from plant seeds or fruits.
Solvent Extraction:
Equipment for extracting oil using solvents or solvent liquids.
Refining and purification systems:
Cleaning basins and filtration systems to remove impurities and impurities from crude oil.
Refiners to improve oil quality and stability.
Equipment for hydrogenating oil to change its physical and chemical properties.
Transesterification technologies (biodiesel):
Equipment for the production of biodiesel from vegetable oils.
Packaging and filling systems:
Equipment for filling and packaging of oil products.
Margarine and Fat Production Technologies:
Lines for the production of margarine and various fats.
Storage and Transport Equipment:
Tanks for storage of crude and refined oils, as well as for transportation of finished products.
Laboratory Equipment:
Analytical equipment to control the quality and properties of oils and fats.
Automated Control Systems:
Modern automation and control systems to optimise production processes.
Types of oils and fats:
Vegetable oils (sunflower, soya, olive, etc.).
Animal fats and oils.
Specialised fats for specific industries.
Biotechnology in the oil and fat industry:
The use of biotechnology for the production of oils and fats.
Genetically modified oils and their applications.
Application in other industries:
Use of oils and fats in the food industry.
Medical and cosmetic applications.
Biofuels and alternative energy sources.
Quality and standards:
Quality control and production standards.
Product certification systems.
Environmental aspect:
Sustainable and environmentally friendly production.
Use of recycled materials and renewable sources.
Marketing and sales:
Marketing strategies for the oil and fat industry.
Consumer market research and trends.
Innovation and research:
Advanced research and development in the industry.
Cooperation with scientific institutes and research centres.

Conference «Innovations in the Oil and Fat Industry»

The main topics of the conference:
Technologies for the production of oils and fats.
Innovative methods of processing and extraction.
Quality and standards in oil production.
Management strategies for the production of oils and fats.
Use of oils in food and other industrial sectors.
Waste management and sustainability of production.
Why you should attend:
Expert presentations from industry leaders.
Practical demonstrations of technologies.
Networking and experience exchange opportunities.
Current issues and solutions for business.

We are pleased to invite you to a unique event – Oil and Fat Products Tasting, where you will have the opportunity to discover the best samples of oils and fat products from leading manufacturers.

A wide range of products: Tasting of the best varieties of olive, sunflower, avocado and other oils, as well as other fatty products.
Expert assessments: Professional sommeliers and experts will evaluate and share their impressions of each product.
Cooking demonstrations: Learning how to use oils and fats in cooking.
Networking and discussion: Meet and exchange ideas with other food enthusiasts.

Target audience of participants and visitors of the oil and fat industry, various groups of people and organisations that can ensure development and cooperation in the oil and fat industry

Participants :
Equipment manufacturers
Suppliers of technological equipment:
Engineering companies
Suppliers of raw materials
Representatives of Industry Associations and Organisations
Technical Specialists and Engineers
Quality and safety specialists
Companies with Trademarks
Investors and Financial Companies
Visitors :
Industry professionals
Enterprises producing products
Retail chains and restaurants
Distributors and Suppliers
Technical Specialists and Engineers
Specialists in Product Quality and Safety
Investors and Entrepreneurs
Government Representatives and Regulators
Students and Scientists
Media representatives and journalists

We would like to thank everyone who has shown their support and high trust by confirming their participation, and invite Ukrainian and foreign companies to demonstrate the latest developments and well-known products of the oil and fat industry at the above-mentioned exhibition.

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